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Electrical Services – Residential Electricians

Electrical Services – Residential Electricians

Electrical safety is of high importance for both the homeowner and the landlord. All homeowners should be conscious of any things in their residence that might immediately concern the safety of themselves or their family members. Landlords too need to be aware of the hazards of faulty or poor quality electrical installations that may have been installed by untaught or untrained persons or individuals. It is highly encouraged for everyone involved to have their electrical systems looked at periodically in order to detect any underlying concerns that may be harmful to one’s self, their families, or any individual who is living in the property involved.

A lot of personal harm and loss of personal possessions can be attributed to electrical fires that happen in the house due to faulty wiring circuits. The two main types of accidents associated with faulty electrical circuitry are electric shocks and fires. Electric shocks are very uncommon but they still can happen, a lot of the accidents have been associated with individuals who have been carrying out work on the electrical installation either repairing or modifying a circuit. The vast majority of the incidents are generally because of sheer incompetence by the individual that is carrying out the electrical work. Logic should be applied to the situation, the circuit should be isolated from the fuse box before any work is carried out on the circuit. A secondary check of the electrical circuit should also be carried out using a suitable electrical test meter to see if the circuit is in fact completely dead. These simple actions could prevent any individual from getting an electric shock, which depending on the conditions could be terminal. More information on this website @

Other sorts of electric shock can occur from coming into contact with bared metallic parts that have become live through a fault with one of the electrical cables in the house. The metallic components in question could be radiators, taps, and uncovered pipework. If a live lead comes into contact with any metallic component that is associated with the heating or plumbing system in your house then there is a significant danger of death or severe injury if you come in to contact with one of these components. Again this is very rare but accidents have happened in the past. It is advisable to have a capable electrician to check your house to verify the correct earth cables are is in place. The earth cables are a chain of wires that connect all the bared metallic elements in your home to the earth terminal of your incoming supply. If the earth’s cables are in place and a fault does happen, then the live current will flow harmlessly to earth, thus preventing any serious injury to the residents of the house. If you are in doubt about the earth arrangements in your home then call a regional electrician to check it for you.

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