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About Historic Essex, New York

Formed in December 1969, Historic Essex (Essex Community Heritage Organization) has worked for thirty eight years to preserve a village which is one of the finest and most intact collections of Federal and Greek Revival architecture in rural New York State. Through education, advocacy, rehabilitation and economic revitalization initiatives, Historic Essex and its over three hundred members have strived to develop programs which simultaneously preserve the architectural and environmental qualities of the community and create new economic and housing opportunities for residents.

Call or write for membership information. Membership benefits include receiving our informative newsletter, an invitation to the Historic Essex annual meeting and the satisfaction of knowing you’re a part of efforts to preserve and revitalize this remarkable community.

Available from Historic Essex, at its offices in Essex hamlet or by mail, or at the bookshop at the Essex Inn: ESSEX, an Architectural Guide, a fifty page walking and driving tour of Essex and its historic and architectural resources. Historic Essex also has information on hiking, biking and other activities in the Champlain Valley. Historic Essex offices are located on the second floor of the Heritage Center, one block west of the Essex Town Offices. Office hours are 9-5, Monday to Friday.

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